Health & Safety


At Elmin Bauxites, safety takes priority over production. This is why we invest in and implement procedures to minimize or eliminate safety risks.

This policy has brought us close to our goal of zero harm to employees. Reaching this goal requires continuous investment in our most precious asset, our people.

Elmin Bauxites is committed to achieving zero labor-related accidents and illnesses through a rigorous Health & Safety Management System that includes proactive identification, assessment, and control of occupational health hazards. The company has implemented safety programs and activities that include: training for all employees, special training for emergency response teams, performance measurement policies, risk assessment processes, award or recognition programs for safety achievement, and a steady flow of information to keep people focused on need for continual safety improvements.

Our Health and Safety Management System consists of a framework of managing risks and compliance obligations, and is certified by the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001 standard. OHSAS certification audits are conducted annually at all facilities.