Company overview/Our Mission



Bauxite Parnassos S.A. began mining bauxite in Greece in 1934; by 1938, production had reached 5 per cent of the global total. Long-term contracts with the Soviet Union covering the period 1956-1958 and with the French company Pechiney in 1963 were vital to the company’s growth to supply a new plant of Pechiney subsidiary Aluminium of Greece S. A. at Aspra Spitia in the Viotia prefecture.

Today, as Bauxite Parnassos’s successor, Elmin Bauxites S. A. holds mining concessions in the prefectures of Fthiotida, Fokida, and Viotia. It also has bauxite processing (crushing, screening, beneficiation) and private loading facilities at Itea, in Fokida. Elmin Bauxites S. A. is the biggest bauxite producer in Europe, with clients on four continents. The company’s main operations facility is located at the 51st kilometer of the Amfissa-Lamia highway.


  • 1933: Bauxites Parnassos S. A. is established for the purpose of mining bauxite deposits at Mt. Parnassos, Mt. Giona, and the Iti range in Greece.
  • 1938: Bauxite production reaches about 5% of total global production.
  • 1956-1958: Large-scale investments in bauxite production; first long-term supply contract with the Soviet Union.
  • 1963: First long-term contract with the French company Pechiney to supply a new factory of Aluminum of Greece S.A. (subsidiary of Pechiney Group).
  • 1973: Establishment of the bauxite beneficiation plant at Itea.
  • 1981-1989:  Downturn in international mineral markets in the 1980s and related upheavals prompt a 45% reduction in annual production from 1,800,000 tons to 800,000 tons.
  • 2006: New 10-year agreement with Aluminum of Greece (Mytilineos Group) to supply of its alumina and aluminum producing plant.
  • 2015: Company’s acquisition by the French calcium aluminate cement producer Kerneos

Mission Statement

We firmly believe ethical practices and transparency in our relationship with the local communities are essentially for the sustainability of our business. In addition to operating responsibility, we are steadfast in our desire to make a broader contribution to the community.

To ensure safe and harmonious operations, especially with neighboring communities, we strive to manage risks and social impacts by building sustainable solutions through collaboration and consultation with affected parties. We are dedicated to achieving by engaging with the community on key issues as well as through advocacy and support for targeted development areas to benefit the communities where we operate.

This mission statement translates to tangible social contributions that include:

• expenditures totaling 30 million euros;

• infrastructure improvement and donations to local NGOs and institutions;

• and, construction, maintenance, and operation of the Vagonetto Mining Park and Museum, which attracts over 9,000 visitors a year.

By bolstering and building more resilient societies, we help create a sustainable future. Sustainable development requires a long-term view and strategic approach across entrepreneurial activities to ensure a safe and prosperous future. Elmin Bauxites S. A. actively demonstrates this commitment to improving the lives of present and future generations through its ethical and sustainable practices.